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We Are Problem Solvers

Why an  Auction?

Auctions are the ideal solution to liquidate high-value property.

For every property, a market consists of potential buyers. Auctions allow all interested parties to COMPETE for your property in a fair bidding process.

Auctions are the proven method of true price discovery.

Across the world, owners of high value property trust the POWER of auctions when selling their property.


Why Curless  Auction?

Our business is achieving top market value for our clients.

Land is perhaps one of the most personal assets a person can own. It's value is comprised of more than just expected income. Our 

After winning the contest in 2017, a lot of people like to bring up the "world champion chant". Competing in contests is a lot of fun, and it made me a better auctioneer. This business, though, is above-all a people business and what we really try to provide is world-class service.


Yes, we are auctioneers, but in many ways we are stress managers. For some clients, an auction occurs during a trying time in life. Maybe a parent was lost and it's time to sell the family farm. Some people encounter financial situations in which they may need to liquidate some property. In any case, when a client calls for help, we hold ourselves responsible for taking the stress of an uncomfortable circumstance and turning it into a positive experience where the property is transformed into cash in a timely fashion.

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